Ethiopian Airlines is The Best Airline in the Continent and Among 20 Best in the World

Ethiopian is a great professional airline, with best connections in the continent. Captains and the cabin crew, whom I know, are the best. Enemies of Ethiopia want to bring down the country as they cannot rule it any more with iron fist like TPLF did for 27 years. Shame on them for dragging the private sector to their propaganda games. The longest serving leader from TPLF Meles used to use Ethiopian as his private airline for decades, without any consideration to cost concerns to the company, let alone the Ethiopian taxpayers. “Every plane is his plane.”, one captain said at the time. Let us remember that the terrorism of TPLF has destroyed priceless civilian airline infrastructure on the ground like tarmacs, buildings, and other key installations and equipment in North Ethiopia. Is it the objective of TPLF to make Ethiopia like Libya where 250m $ planes are destroyed in the tarmac senselessly? Ethiopians will never let that happen.

International Affairs Expert