Current Western policies are leading to destabilization of Ethiopia, and whole Horn of Africa region, as they reward those who resort to violence instead of peaceful political struggle, and should be reversed

Renaissance Dam Filling Goes Forward as TPLF Behind Sudanese Border Incursion to Ethiopia

TPLF Is Not Trustworthy for Negotiation with Government, Says Former Finnish Diplomat

Recent Atrocity in Oromia Plotted by Terrorist TPLF, Shene & Foreign Elements: Finnish Diplomat

TPLF Expert in Siphoning Off Humanitarian Aids from Civilian Population: Former European Diplomat

Egyptian, Sudanese Generals Plotting with TPLF to Launch Another Catastrophic War

Egyptian and Sudanese generals are working with TPLF “against the common adversary in Addis Ababa,” a former European diplomat told Ethiopian News Agency. Simo Parviainen said TPLF is now desperate and finding partners in Sudan and Egypt to launch another catastrophic war. -Addis Media Network English June 3, 2022

HR 6600, S3199 Draft Bills Hurt US Interest: Former Diplomat

“It’s Far From Over”

West Should Review Their Failed Policy On Ethiopia

TPLF war of aggressions and the Western media bias and fake news

Former Finnish Diplomat Blames TPLF for Rejecting Ceasefire, Expanding Conflict

European Diplomat Criticizes Western Media for Reporting Wrong, Biased News about Ethiopia

Former Finish Diplomat Urges West to Review Failed Policy on Africa

Diplomats secret Meeting on Ethiopia is outrageous

Friends of Ethiopia: Ethiopia Prevails
The Semi-Americans Podcast

Pressure from US and EU Gives Wrong Signal: Violence Pays Off

USA must reconsider its relationship with Ethiopia

Tigray Conflict: Homework Not Done by Western Countries Has Led to Wrong Policy Action




International Affairs Expert

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Post Orwellian: A Politician’s Ideal Choice of Ideology

Ag. President Yemi Osinbajo’s speech at Indorama Eleme

Chinese state TV news script 2022–04–13


“We must deal with sounds of war and dead bodies, but still I want to be a positive part of…

Is there a Credible Deterrent to Putin's Cyber Influence Campaign? Asymmetry

10 things you need to know about Idlib province in Syria today

If I was president

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Simo Parviainen

Simo Parviainen

International Affairs Expert

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