… fictionary character?

The cyber mafia of TPLF is at it again with a disinfo text aimed at duping Westerners mainly, with cheap text full of important facts left out, hints that lead nowhere except wrong direction, and twisted ideas. Funny how simpleton Leftist activists in West, like admins of this Canada-based website, can be duped to support fascist and ethnonationalistic movement like TPLF, objectives.

But taking into consideration the absolute credulousness of Western policy towards Ethiopia it is possible. It is well known that TPLF cronies like Awet Weldemichael attempt to publish their disinformation in academic journals and these attempts are continuously frustrated as the journals see what the arguments are, propaganda pure and simple. So, what happens is, Alex De Waal helps to get this rubbish published in his African Arguments, or whatever his propaganda rag’s name happens to be.

Simo Parviainen

International Affairs Expert

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